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AptaFund is a state-of-the-art GAAP, GASB 34, USFR, UCOA, and SACS compliant financial and human resources management system specifically developed for K-12 school districts and charter schools. AptaFund iscompliant with all Federal, state, and local reporting requirements and has been in use by K-12 school districts and charter schools since 2000. 

AptaFund is a real-time system with a comprehensive set of fully integrated modules including: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Cash Receipts, Budget Control, Budget Development, Banking, Payroll, Position Control, Human Resources, Leave Tracking, Employee Self Service, Purchasing, WebPR (remote purchasing with Workflow Process and eCommerce support), Receiving, Fixed Assets, and Warehouse and Inventory.

AptaFund’s underlying architecture is fully scalable and uses Microsoft-centric technologies including Windows Server, SQL Server, and Microsoft Office. AptaFund is delivered over the Internet using the Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted model to over 150 K-12 school districts and charter schools across California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, Michigan, Virginia, Kansas, and Pennsylvania.

AptaFund was first deployed in Arizona in 2000 at Sunnyside Unified School District ( with 18,000 students and 2,500 employees, in California in 2003 at Alameda Unified School District ( with 11,000 students and 1,300 employees, in Texas in 2004 at Springtown Independent School District ( with 3,600 students and 250 employees, and in New Mexico in 2004 at six Albuquerque charter schools. AptaFund has been operating flawlessly ever since.

With over 95 customers, AptaFund is the de-facto standard for charter schools in the state of New Mexico. The New Mexico Coalition for Charter Schools ( member services division uses AptaFund exclusively to deliver outsourced business office services to its members.

AptaFund is also the exclusive Financial Management software platform for Delta Managed Solutions (, the premier providers of outsourced business office services to charter schools in California, serving 20 California charter schools with an aggregated student count in excess of 10,000. Additionally, AptaFund has been the financial management system for Granada Hills Charter High School (, the largest charter school in the US, since 2004, and Uplift Education (, one of the most prestigious and fastest growing charter schools in Texas, since 2004.

During fiscal year 2010-2011, AptaFund processed in excess of $1.5 billion dollars of K-12 school district and charter school payroll and accounts payable transactions without a single major incident. This is equivalent to a school district four times larger than Tucson Unified School District and Mesa Unified School District but with the added complexity of supporting multiple state-specific retirement systems and reporting requirements.

AptaFund is a trademark of Harris Computer Systems (